IT Services

IT Services

Managed Services

Through our range of Managed IT Services, our goal is simply to enable you to make the best use of IT in your business within available budgets. 4T Technology flexible approach means that we can undertake a full outsource of your IT, or work in a co-sourced capacity alongside your existing teams and service providers across

Service Desk

Our Service Desk team are highly capable from a technical perspective is a 24/7/365 manned operation delivered from our Operations Centre in Crawley. 4T Technology is knowledgeable about changing and supporting first to latest technologies and perceive the conviction-based action required with respect to the client. In light of his needs, our point is to as flawlessly as conceivable integrate previous and current IT operations environment.

Infrastructure Management

No business thinks little of the criticality of keeping their server and system framework up and running. Much of the time when outages or service degradation happens it can prevent your whole business from working. Because of this, it is significant that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard your applications. 4T Technology gives an exhaustive Infrastructure Management benefit that amplifies uptime and guarantees that your frameworks and applications, be they on-premise, hosted, or Cloud based, are optimally configured for performance.

Our three-point approach Infrastructure Management

  • Support – Keeping the lights on and ensuring appropriate technical resource is available 24/7 to address issues rapidly and prevent/reduce downtime.
  • Monitoring – Keeping a comprehensive eye on the availability, performance and health of your systems and applications. When issues occur, we identify and address them rapidly. Reports are generated monthly and analysed by our team to ensure developing trends are captured.
  • Management – Broken down as:

Configuration – Ensuring appropriate configuration of your infrastructure and adapting it as your requirements develop and change.

Administration – Assuming the role of the old-fashioned Systems Administrator. Undertaking frequent housekeeping routines to ensure that you’re getting the best from your systems and applications.

Optimisation – Continually assessing the configuration and performance of your systems and applications to ensure optimal performance and usability.

Service Management

Effective Service Management is at the core of the 4T Technology Managed IT Services portfolio. We believe passionately about building positive and persevering associations with our clients. This depends on an establishment of great administration quality bolstered by ceaseless change projects to convey genuine advantages to our clients.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) – Simplifying Supplier Management 

The proliferation of service delivery avenues continues and organisations are now frequently finding themselves engaging with their internal resource, Cloud services (as both public and private commodities) and various Managed Service Providers in their quest for the most appropriate and cost-effective IT solutions. With our SIAM service 4T Technology acts as Technology Service Provider on behalf of our customers ensuring that the complexity of multi-vendor relationships is reduced, and internal management overhead is kept to a minimum.

The core principles that govern our approach to SIAM:

  • Define – understand business objectives, develop business cases and assist in supplier selection
  • Transition – ensure customers procurement objectives are met through implementation and development of a Service Catalogue
  • Direction – manage service streams and relationships, measure and report, and ensure service excellence and value for money are achieved
  • Develop – minimise risk and complexity, promote simplicity, automate, innovate and integrate where possible, and ensure services are benchmarked from a quality and commercial perspective

The Benefits Your business can realise the following benefits by deploying 4T Technology SIAM service:

  • Consolidation and simplification of supplier management responsibilities
  • Single point of contact for engagement with supply base (including internal teams if necessary)
  • Benefit from the skills and experience of our Service Management team
  • Obtain timely, audience friendly MI about your business through tailored Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards
  • Increase visibility of managed resources and utilisation/consumption
  • Achieve value for money and cross platform service excellence, across the supplier base


IT Support

Our customer focus strategy commits us to always provide the best in class support services to our clients out of their technology which goes miles beyond the human interaction that IT alone offers to our clients.

A few of the unique services our clients receive:

  • 24/7 - Our UK based service-desk is always at hand to deal with any requests either via the phone, email, mobile app, or your desktop.
  • Performance -  reviewing our achievement to provide the best performance statistics in our market
  • Technology – 4T provides incredible capabilities to assist our clients.
  • A 360 approach - so you can see everything that is happening in your business
  • Reporting - appraise all your assets, licenses, software all in one place
  • User-experience – review our clients IT technical processes  and plan appropriate improvements
  • Business workflow - design how you want your support processes to work
  • Collaborate - easily integrate your own IT teams into any support workflows

Secure – dynamically and continually assesses the security risks of your devices from within and outside your network.


IT procurement and purchasing activities within the framework of project management are essential to any organization which uses information systems and equipment to drive projects, processes and procedures. Actually today you can hardly find a company that does not implement various IT systems and solutions to plan and carry out strategic and operational processes because computers and software solutions are integrated parts of the enterprise-wide project management system.


When it comes to the process of implementation which involves us look at your requirement, help you with the acquisition and the contract execution

Or when it comes to the process of management, that involve Vendor, Asset and Quality management 4T Technology will help you through out those stages.

Please contact one of the IT Procurement specialist for you every need.